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Handmade porcelain heart brooch - white daisy emboss

Image of Handmade porcelain heart brooch - white daisy emboss

Handmade from Australian porcelain, every porcelain brooch is unique and one of a kind. The heart brooches are made from small handmade batches embossed with lace, no two are ever the same.

  • Diameter at the widest point is approximately 40mm
  • Thickness is approximately 2.5mm
  • Brooch clasp at the back
  • Presented on a KI & Co. Australia brooch card.

Handmade and fired on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

Due to the nature of handmade porcelain, please note there may be slight variations in the size and pattern from the brooch pictured as each one is individually made.

Feel free to contact us to choose your exact heart!

Shipping: Flat rate - $5 Australia wide, $25 International.